Voice Recording


The Data Voice Libra recording platform is a new breed of digital communication capturing device. The system provides the market with a cost-effective, generic viagra sales fail-safe recording solution capable of capturing and managing mission critical information.

The technology can be utilized to monitor crucial metrics in the call centre environment including, drug
service levels, quality assurance, dispute resolution, training and productivity measurement.

The Libra Recorder connects to a variety of circuit-switched and IP telephony sources, ailment providing a platform for advanced transaction processing, such as speaker recognition and word searches, within recorded conversations. Performance management may be added to measure and enhance the quality of interaction with customers. Screen recording is tightly integrated with the Libra product, to facilitate the continuous capture of user desktop action with seamless playback via the web interface.

This single platform solution offers an affordable Windows-based system that allows recording of all marked extensions and/or trunks. Furthermore, it simultaneously offers advanced reporting, health monitoring, web search and playback capability, as well as system alarms via SMS or e-mail.

The Libra system can be tailored to meet customer requirements due to its open architecture and an industry standard database. It also allows for hybrid systems accommodating IP telephones, analogue and digital extensions or trunks on the same platform. An authorized user can access Libra from any location, via a Web browser, eliminating the need for customized desktop software.