SMS Gateway

The best SMS gateway platform today is the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway platform. This is the option you should take, viagra generic viagra sale because this platform is very reliable, cialis it can handle high capacity and it will work 24/7 at your site seamlessly. You will not have any problems with this product.

In the system you want to setup Ozeki NG will handle the two way communication between your system and the mobile network. It will send and receive your SMS messages. It will receive and process the SMS delivery reports. SMS delivery reports can give you information about when your messages were delivered to the network, delivered to the recipient mobile handset and if a message delivery error happens, you will have information about the reason the delivery failed. During the communication Ozeki NG will handle international character sets and long (multipart) SMS messages properly.

After Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is installed, your Office users can send messages, using

SMS client software or you can attach a company IT system to process SMS messages automatically. To attach a company IT system to the installed SMS gateway the best configurations are: SQL to SMS gateway configuration, e-mail to SMS gateway configuration or HTTP to SMS gateway configuration. For example if your IT system uses a Microsoft SQL Server, you can use the SQL to SMS gateway configuration in which you can setup two database tables, one for incoming and one for outgoing messages. In this setup it is very easy to send a message, because all you have to do is to create a database record in the outgoing database table.


If you use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, overloads and mobile network outages will be handled properly. If you want to submit more messages, then your system’s capacity would allow, the Ozeki NG software will build a message queue and will send the messages as capacity becomes available. No messages will be lost! If the mobile network breaks down, the Ozeki software will hold the messages in the queue until the network becomes operational, then it will try to resend the messages.

Technology background

To share some information about the technology background, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is based on Microsoft .NET technology. It operates on Windows operating systems. It uses threads to handle simultaneous connections and it can take advantage of 64 bit operating systems, and multi core and multiprocessor hardware.