Fibre Optics infrastructure equipment


Fibre Interconnect & Optical Passive Devices

Opterna has developed a strong expertise as a designer, cialis check integrator, manufacturer, and solutions provider in the field of high performance Fibre optic interconnection. It has a wide variety of products and buy viagra sub- components, medicine which are also available in various modular versions thus making it a one-stop shop and a market leader in this industry.

Fibre Management systems

Opterna’s Fibre management solutions feature compact and installer friendly design with provision for easy Fibre routing the product offering includes a variety of patching, no rx racking, splicing, distribution, storing, splitting, and coupling of Fibre optic signals.

Optoelectronic components and subsystems

Opterna offers a qualified range of 2.5 and 10Gbps optoelectronic transmitter and receiver products, as well as a series of Fibre amplifiers (EDFA’s).
Opterna transmitters and receivers are available for immediate delivery in both traditional and butterfly as well as TOSA and ROSA formats.

Cable management solutions

Opterna has the complete capability to design and manufacture Enclosure Systems for all conceivable needs. The portfolio includes server and network cabinet, wall mounts, telecomm enclosures and customizes solutions.

Monitoring solutions

Opterna’s proprietary Fibre sentinel system helps to build robust networks giving ultimate security to critical and confidential data exchange over Fibre optic systems. Side lighter helps to measure performance of copper and Fibre integrated networks.