Fax Server

Zetafax is highly versatile, cialis buy sick suiting both smaller organizations with a single site and large distributed businesses. It allows you to send and receive faxes and SMS messages from your workstation, and can be integrated seamlessly into your business process applications for fast, automated faxing from the desktop or back office.

  1. It provides a highly visual ‘document builder’ to combine and convert documents to PDFs and then send them securely by email, as well as fax.it’s ideal for creating and delivering business documents such as sales quotations, purchase orders and financial statements.
  2. Zetafax Duo helps speed up and secure the document production and delivery processes throughout your company to save time and money, help improve customer service and support the ever growing requirements of compliance.
  3. Users can merge documents from different sources into a single, personalized PDF which can then be sent to one or more recipients by email and by fax. Email documents are sent in PDF format using Microsoft Outlook, while fax documents are sent as TIFF images via the central Zetafax server.
  4. Zetafax Duo can provide cost-savings of more than 80% on conventional document distribution by replacing paper with electronic document production, delivery and archiving.