Customer Assistance Services

e-Solutions has created the following technical assistance services in order to bring more effectiveness to our Customers contact centre operations and increase system availability:

Standard maintenance service :

The standard service includes response to common technical questions, cialis buy viagra approved
to inquiries related with the performance of Products, viagra or the diagnostic and solution to technical problems.

The standard maintenance contract services generally include:

  1. Technical Support during working hours: technical support to the contact center product, over the phone, from 9h00 to 18h00, from Monday to Friday, except during official holidays.
  2. Bug Corrections: corrections of defects in the software imputable to its configuration (bug of the system), since such defects cause serious impact of the Customer’s activity and there is no acceptable workaround available.
  3. New Releases delivery: availability, excluding its respective installation, of new versions of the software, correction of defects eventually detected in previous versions and functional improvements introduced by the Software suppliers.

24×7 maintenance service :

Customers can subscribe to an extended 24/7 emergency service for round the clock support.

The 24×7 contract services generally include:

  1. Support 24/24H 7/7days: technical support to the Contact Center products, over the phone, 24 hours per day, from Saturday to Wednesday, in the following way:
  1. In the schedule from 9h00 to 18h00, in every working day of the year, except the official holidays, the technical support is given to all issues independently of the degree of severity of the reported problem.
  2. In the supplemental schedule from 18h00 to 9h00 in working days, during weekends and during the official holidays, the technical support is given to problems of severity 1-Critical failure and severity 2- Serious failure.

Premier Support :

e- Solutions has services of proactive management in order to help to eliminate any problems in the initial stages, when they are less expensive and easier to solve, increasing the overall availability and efficiency of the systems.

premier support services are complementary to standard and 7×24 maintenance contracts.

Premier Support include a set of proactive services whose main goal is to detect problems and conflicts before they happen throughout periodically systems and applications checking, resulting in sets of suggestions presented on customer reports.

Premier support services include basic proactive services with our without TAM, one-off Auditing Packages, regular Patch Installation and periodical software’s tuning.

Resident Engineers (TAM-Technical Account Manager)

The TAM will build persistent relationships with customers, understand their goals, and ensure that those goals are met.

Ongoing communication, reporting, and training maximize knowledge and effective use of Contact center products and services, increasing business efficiency is one of the TAM’s roles. The TAM also increases technical support efficiency by constantly monitoring timely resolution of issues and their escalation.