Customer Assistance Quality Policy

The Customer Assistance Quality Policy is centered in the following streamlines:

Customer oriented

Continually exceed Customer expectations with the aim to achieve Total Customers Satisfaction in the following perspectives:

  1. Custom offering, discount viagra pharm by setting a complete and diversified pack of services, viagra suitable for different needs, helping Customers to optimize products usage in according with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Communication, hospital
    maintaining an effective multi channel communication process during all Customer Assistance interactions.
  3. Responsiveness, online committed to the Service Level Agreements established with Customers, both in time and quality of services provided.

Process Driven

A Business process driven organization in order to:

  1. Focus on business changes and rapidly adapts and deliver innovative answers to our Customers needs.
  2. Optimize,standardize and ensure traceability of all work activities.
  3. Measure and Monitor our results accomplishment throughout Key Performance Indicators continuous improvements.

Excellent Work Environment

We strive for an excellent work environment with skilled professionals, motivated and with tenacity to solve problems and progress in their careers.