Qlikview and Qlik Sense

QlikView is for Guided Analytic

  1. Qlikview is a tool for situations where you want prepared business applications, discount viagra i.e. Applications created by developers who put a lot of thought into the data model, cialis buy the layout, the charts and the formulae; and deliver the applications to end-users who consume the applications. We call this Guided Analytics.
  2. The end-user has total freedom to explore data, select, drill down and navigate in the information, and can this way discover both questions and answers in the data. The end-user is however limited when it comes to creating new visualizations. This type of situation will without doubt be common for many, many years to come.
  3. Guided Analytics, pre-canned, closer to the developer.

Qlik Sense is for Self-Service Data Discovery

  1. Qlik Sense is a tool for situations where you don’t want to pre-can so much. Instead you want the user to have the freedom to create a layout of his own and in it, new visualizations; charts that the developer couldn’t imagine that the user wants to see. You want Self-service data discovery, which means a much more active, modern, engaged user. In addition, Qlik Sense is much easier to use when you have a touch screen, and is adaptive to different screen sizes and form factors. On the whole, Qlik Sense is a much more modern tool.
  2. Self Service Discovery, closer to non-technical end-user.

Qlikview and Qlik Sense

  1. Both Uses the Same QIX (Qlik Indexing Engine) Back end engine. Qlik Indexing Engine (QIX) — the world’s most powerful associative data indexing engine.
  2. Qlik Sense has Responsive design, easier layout. Ability to resize screen itself on your phone, tablet or laptop without having to develop specific UIs for each form factor, with charts, objects automatically re-sizing themselves
  3. Qlik Sense has 100 % web-based UI, automatically adaptable to different screen sizes, form factors – HTML5 based unified client
  4. Qlikview Applications we can access from Access Point.
  5. Qlik Sense applications we can access from Developer Hub for consolidation, central repository of web mashups, custom apps, extensions.
  6. Qlik Sense Server side development, takes advantage of server resources, security more tightly controlled.
  7. Qlik Sense Data Storytelling is a feature new to Qlik Sense that allows users to create presentations and share insights. Users can take snapshots of data and visualizations, add text and graphics, and create presentations that link to interactive apps all within Qlik Sense. When users are done performing data analysis and organizing their findings, they have the option to share their files directly with other users or upload them to Qlik Cloud. Apps on Qlik Cloud can be accessed on computers, tablets, and smartphones through a public URL. Visualizations and charts are designed to support touch screens.